Jon Welch Music
Sunday, 22 January 2017

JWM is a creative music production company based in Hamburg, Germany.

We compose and produce tracks for all mediums: commercials, film, television and the internet as well as for artists, live events and the concert hall.  We’re passionate about producing great music! 

As a company we have over ten years experience in the music production industry and have worked regularly for leading European advertising accounts on over 100 music productions as arrangers and co-producers. 

We have worked on numerous major and independent label releases and created soundtracks for a large number of films aired throughout Europe

We have created and supervised music for dozens of events, stage shows and their accompanying media presentations.

As a director, agency or record company, you can rest assured that our over 20 total years of experience in the music industry guarantee that we speak your individual language and are intimately familiar with the specific musical needs of your branch of the business.  We feel comfortable in just about every environment!

When combining music with other mediums, we understand music’s true role.  We don't see music as an end in itself but as an integral extension of the mood or atmosphere of a film or event.  To us, such projects are really not “just about the music“ and we’re proud to be part of the collaborative effort.

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